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I might start learning C#

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So I love programming in Java, however I also want to know that I can make games and that was always one of the goals of programming. However, Java was not built for game development, and it's also very hard to get graphics working. So because of all this, I have decided to get into C# for two reasons. One, it's very close to Java, since Java was written in the C family. And two, Unity makes game development so easy. But don't get me wrong I am not starting right now, instead I want to get better at Java finish some courses for it and then ounce I know what I came to do, which is build full applications and web apps with Java, then I will start with the "for fun" game development. I have specifically set standards on my journey in which I give priority to those things which I want to do as my daily job. Then I shall learn to do side stuff. But it is also good that I am learning C# since another large part of the programming industry is in C#.