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Omicron Updates

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So now that I have started working on the if statements for Omicron since I was able to fix bugs and make the arithmetic operations work fully, I saw that Omicron was beginning to look a lot like python so because of this I started looking for free snake names for the new name(which by the way it took days to). I finally came to the name Anaconda, which sounds nice and is available. So I am happy to announce that we are renaming Omicron to Anaconda and the new logo will be coming out soon. But the reason I am making this blog post is to tell you that I have finished implementing arithmetic which can do division multiplication subtraction and addition with positive or negative numbers but only if you correctly put punctuation. For example, if you do 6 - - 6 it won't work the way you want it too, so instead you have to do 6 - -6. For if statements I decided to make it that a space separates the tokens, so you have to write an if statement like this, if_ 10 == 10. If you try to do if_ 10==10 it won't work since it is separating the tokens on spaces. And that's it for this blog, in the next I might be starting with loop(or not) so I will keep you guys updated.